Garcia85 is a Congolese composer and interpreter living in Switzerland since 2012. He was born in Kinshasa and was gradually initiated into singing by his mother who sings in a Christian choir.

Garcia85 grandmother

He was lovingly raised by his grandmother, a woman who, despite the burdens of age, made many personal sacrifices. She enabled financing his schooling by selling peanuts on the street and through really hard work.


Garcia85’s great appreciation of women is due to this deep connection with his grandmother Ngunga and this theme is often mirrored in his songs.


He participated in several competitions, gathered valuable experience and resolutely followed his dream of one day performing on stage. He had fun perfecting his techniques by interpreting various artists such as Lokua Kanza, Papa Wemba, Compay Segundo, Bob Marley, Alpha Blondy. etc.


Garcia85 was discovered in 2013 by Bovick Schamar (an international bassist from the Congo) and joined the group Ambo Djambo in Basel. With much discipline and motivation, he quickly won the confidence of all the band members. Due to his unique voice and talent, he positioned himself as the lead singer of the band.


Garcia85 is noted for his love of poetry. Therefore, most of his songs are in poem form honouring the splendour of women and love.


He decided to embrace a solo career in 2016 and managed to engage the famous African soloist Dino Vangu as his conductor and artistic director.


His first album entitled FUSION was released in 2019, a very eclectic album with very varied styles (Rumba, Urban Music, Roots Reggae etc).


The album contains 10 titles sung in 8 languages: French, Hebrew, German, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Swahili and of course Lingala, his mother tongue. This particular artistic approach is justified by his love of languages and different cultures as well as his desire to be understood through his songs and to reach the broadest global audience. He defines music as the universal language most likely to bring cultures and communities together.


The album Fusion was self-produced in Paris with the participation of big names in the African music scene such as Dino Vangu, Auguy Solo, Andra Kouyate, Don Guy Tegbe, Cherif Soumano, Francky Moulet and Michel Lumama.


Directly after his album came out in 2019, Garcia85 had various concerts in Germany, France, Scandinavia, Italy and Austria.

Since the Corona crisis the artist has returned, fully motivated, with his new EP BILAN. This comprises 4 songs and was released in January, 2023. The European tour started shortly after in Eastern Switzerland. The first concert was in the Grabenhalle St. Gallen followed by thejazz club Moods in Zürich. Next are plans to tour Germany, France and Italy.


The artist is accompanied during his concerts by his band from Paris.


He was a very committed honorary member of the Swiss NGO Asylverein in which he undertook translation work and supervised asylum applicants, providing them with German language courses.


He regularly has exchanges with major international institutions, notably the European Union, the United Nations and European leaders to plead for peace and for the causes of women and children in the Congo.


In 2016 the artist was invited personally to the Federal Palace in Bern, Switzerland as part of his fight for peace and national reconciliation in the DRC, a visit which included exchanges with the president of the Confederation, Didier Burkhalter and the head of the Police and Justice Department, Simonetta Sommaruga.

In 2019 Garcia85 established his own foundation, the "Fondation Nsoni" in Congo.


The NSONI Foundation set up several humanitarian projects including the Olivia project, one of the largest charitable works of the NGO, which allows more than 80 destitute women, orphaned teenagers and street children to learn to read and write.


Computer and English lessons are also given free of charge for the benefit of the latter. Some of these teenagers, mostly orphans, have the chance to benefit from additional training and education, particularly in computer usage as well as trades such as tailoring. In addition, a weekly meal and medical consultation are made available to women and orphans registered with the Foundation.


More informations about the foundation here.

Garcia85 was promoted to ambassador for peace with an honorary title of doctor honoris causa in October 2022 following his commitment and actions in favor of peace and girls' education in Africa and in the Democratic Republic of Congo in particular.